Lauren Mayer is a multifaceted designer, mirroring the diversity of the lives and spaces of her clients. A natural ability to have perspective, both on clients and space, enables Lauren to produce design solutions that enhance and elevate your home. 


Lauren approaches each design project as it is - unique and personal. Dedicated to expressive design that follows scale and proportion, Lauren's completed projects reflect the culture and lifestyle of its occupants rather than her. She believes good design is timeless, and this ensures that any treasured pieces or family heirlooms that tell a story will find a place in the design. Affectionately known as the "bossy one" in her family, Lauren owns up to the saying when needed, but in the end, her intuitive design is all about the client.


Lauren started her journey in her family-owned design business, which established roots in Miami in 1926. With design in her blood, she then pursued a design degree from the New York School of Interior Design. With a degree under her belt and an A.S.I.D. accreditation, Lauren returned to Miami, becoming a 3rd generation lead designer with Dawson's Interiors.

Jennifer J. Kila is an experienced, professional designer with an innate skill to define and celebrate personal space. A homeowner’s dream, Jennifer is particularly facile at projects that are about re-articulating a lifetime of possessions, furniture, memories, and art.


Most striking about Jennifer is her ease of decision making and the absolute talent she brings to your home. Whether you live in a penthouse skyscraper with floor to ceiling glass; a city brick studio apartment, or a Mediterranean mansion on the ocean, Jennifer has dealt with your obstacles and has your solutions.


Not preconceived or stuck on trends, Jennifer is able to tell your story – finding the energy, the passion for life, the creativity that is inside everyone – that bring's life into your space. Animated with an easy smile, kind eyes and the sort of intensity that commands attention, Jennifer enters every project with an open mind and a fresh, energizing perspective.


Following a career encompassing retail buying, fashion merchandising, visual presentation and commercial textile design in New York, Jennifer moved to Miami. Jennifer designs a unique environment to suit each client's lifestyle, with creative solutions within their budget and vision. 


Timeless design begins with a talent for listening and results in perfect balance.

Your personal style and tastes, cleverly elevated.


Harmony, style, color, balance, refined bydesign. 

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